I’ve been in the process of selling my business and then using the time that was freed up to catch up on 20 years of deferred maintenance around the house. But I did get time to knock out an article for our local horse journal about the Sonoma State University Equestrian Team! See the Horse Journal here:

Fall 2018 Horse Journal

This article came about by happy accident. My friend Laura and I were riding the trails at Pt Reyes National Seashore when we came across a group of young women out for a hike. We asked them to take a picture of us on our horses, and one of them mentioned that she was a rider, too. After a bit of chatting, it turned out that she was the captain of the Hunt Seat Team of the SSU Equestrian Team. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I got my undergraduate degree at SSU many years ago and there was no equestrian program. Then, as now, there was no equine science program or even an agriculture curriculum. This is a fiercely liberal arts college and I suspect that the reason I was able to study business there was a concession on their part that they needed a program that brought in some revenue. So what were they doing with an equestrian team? And why had I never heard of them? I’m not all that connected with the equestrian community, but I was briefly on the board of the local Horse Council and used to write regularly for their Horse Journal, so I did have my ear to the ground at least part of the time.

I got her contact information and checked with the editor of the Horse Journal, who had never heard of the team, either. Yes, she would like an article about them. So I am back in writing mode again. Feels pretty good!