I refuse to weigh in anymore. Life is too short and food is too good.

Raul is quite happy about this new development (well, not THAT new) as
it frees me up to concentrate on what is really important, namely,
thinking up ways that he can make me happy. Actually, Raul and Ramon
have been out of town for the last several weeks, and I understand that
their absence has been noticed. Sorry about that. They had to return to
Spain to tend to some family business. Something about a strike at the
Sangria factory, and then the bull-breeding farms had a hoof-and-mouth
scare. These tedious details must be dealt with, even at the cost of
painful separations.

Ever considerate, Raul arranged for his brother Fernando to look after
me in his absence. Such a courtly, old-world gesture! Fernando does not
have Raul’s natural business instincts so he is not an asset in the type
of activities that Raul and Ramon were tending to. He does have other
talents though, being quite artistic. He spent several years as a
creative consultant to Abba, and I believe even inspired some of their
lyrics. Currently, he is between engagements, and was quite happy to
spend time in the wine country making sure that all my needs were met. I
feel so fortunate to be involved with this family of true gentlemen.
After all those years with Abba, Fernando has developed quite a musical
ability. I remember one starry night, in the firelight, Fernando hummed
to himself and softly strummed his guitar. Close to the heat of the
flame, his shirt. was unbuttoned to the waist, his skin tawny in the
golden glow of the fire. His head tilted slightly to one side as he
focused on the guitar strings, his eyes dark and unreadable, one wavy
lock of ebony hair drifting across his forehead. There was something in
the air that night, and I fear my passions may have overcome my sense of
honor and that Raul may not have approved of what followed. But I have
no regrets and if I had to do the same again, I would my friend ….

Raul has returned and Fernando is seeking new employment (he mentioned
something about Jennifer Lopez). Now that Raul is back I am constantly
reminded by his thoughtfulness how lucky I am and how important he is to
me. I hope I can remember this if temptation crosses my path again. As
long as it doesn’t come in the form of Fernando because in that case I
really can’t be held accountable …

Ramon has returned as well and is demonstrating his talent for practical
jokes. Did you know he was at Jennifer’s farewell party the other night?
Yes, it was he who puckishly slipped Mary’s keys into her jacket pocket
when she wasn’t looking. What an uproar! He really should not have given
her those Sangria samples when he knows what happens next. I’m sure that
Mary had a fine time expressing her outrage to him later. Bad, bad

Well, it is getting late and I must express my devotion to Raul once
again. I am so looking forward to the coming week’s adventures now that
he is back by my side. Note to Cathy: Raul understands your difficulty
pronouncing his name (well, he doesn’t really understand it, but he is
anxious to accommodate your needs) and says you are free to call him
Jed. Three letters, one syllable, does this work for you?