Dane Jane got her start when I was bored working as an accountant for a large corporation. I had been divorced for a few years and my love life was nonexistent. So to deal with the boredom of the work and the lack of a love life, I invented my alter ego. She wasn’t known as Dane Jane at the time, she was just a much more comely and brave version of me. She existed in a series of emails that I sent out to my circle of friends at work. This was, no doubt, an entirely inappropriate use of company email and is it any wonder that I don’t work for that firm anymore?  Come to think of it, I still know a lot of people who got those emails and who could bust me for this, and I am prepared to deny that it ever happened and declare it to be fake news.  Anyway, inappropriate emails are all the rage right now. Besides, what are they going to do? Fire me? Ahem, I believe they did that in 2002.

In any event, a few friends and I were entertained by my alter ego for a bit until someone suggested that I should do some actual work. Meanwhile, our heroine was having a fabulously passionate affair with her lover Raul, a dashing if somewhat bumbling Spaniard who bore a strong resemblance to Antonio Banderas. Any readers who felt jealous found themselves written into the story, with their own paramour, usually some relative of Raul’s. Too bad for them, I usually stole the guy right out from under their noses.

Fast forward a few years, and I did make one attempt to revive the story, with a new setting in sunny Spain where Raul and I have relocated to run his family’s enterprises. Since then, our newly renamed Jane and her lover Raul have been languishing in the dark recesses of my mind, but now I feel compelled to blow a little life back into them. I only have one episode of the original story, which will appear in the archives as soon as I find it.

Let me know if you enjoy it and feel free to share.  Click on the image to visit the story.

There are also some of the original posts from the ’90s in the archives.  https://wp.me/P8MJqo-2a