I am finally pursuing a long-held dream of doing a bit of creative writing for public consumption. For years, this has been on my “someday” list, and as I recently turned 64, it has occurred to me that the “someday” window is getting smaller, not larger. So it is time to start down this road.

My first step is to set up my author website, which includes this blog. Until now, I’ve only been involved in business-related activities, and all communication is meant to inform or educate. Since my professional writing career consists of articles written for our local horse journal, I was stumped as to what I was going to blog about. Then I decided that I will just share my journey with my two followers (those would be my cats, Jasmine and Maxie) and see what happens. I hope you will join them and tag along for the journey.

My first writing venture will be to revive a character that I used to write about to relieve the boredom of my day job (true confessions—I wrote about this character while actually AT my day job). She was my alter ego, a much bolder and comelier version of me, who cavorted with wild abandon with her lover Raul. She’s been lurking in the shadows of my imagination in the 15+ years since then, and is now emerging as an older-but-not-much-wiser woman, now known as Dane Jane. Visit Dane Jane’s page on my site. The Adventures of Dane Jane